Saturday, November 7, 2009

Particle Monologues @ Building Community: Continuing the Conversation--HGSE

Hello AIE CtC:BC participants! Thank you for participating in the Particle Monologues Project!

Now that the particles have been released and remain in transit from someone’s ‘here’ to another’s ‘there’, we invite you to contribute to this Particle Monologue blog. If you'd like to feature your PM photograph on the this blog site, send your photos to Amanda: alichtenstein@gmail.

However, we also encourage you to post your PM's to the CtC:BC website:
Particle Monlogues @ HGSE AIE CtC:BC


* Carry your particle monologues tag to a new location.
* Once the tag has been placed, fixed and cared for, document the location with a photograph.
* Upload that image as well as any conversations you may have had with the monologue while in your care.
* Share threads that were tangled or untangled during the CtC gathering and keep coming back to the site as the drifts land and we all resume our pre-gathering positions.


Special Thanks to:
Nathan Johnston & Therese Condit & The Small World Project (
Nitin Sawhney, Founder of Voices Beyond Walls & the MIT Visual Art Program (
Stanza and Sound Cities Project
Sarah Smith of Cambridge Bed & Muffin
Juliet Charnas & Convent of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco
CTC Organizers and Engineers, Andrea Sachdeva & Joy Lamberton
Steve Seidel
Scott Ruescher

Monday, May 26, 2008

PM continues

Is it in the essence of atomic energy? An element of ephemera?
Particle monologues continues like the laundry we hang to dry in the spring breeze, arriving like a special delivery package to those who find them. On June 13th, in an exhibition entitled "Walls of Hope", Particle Monologues will begin a journey from the MOCA in Oakland to Stockholm, then Buenos Aires to San Salvador, then returning to Oakland sometime next year. This exhibition invites artists and agitators exploring the practice of art as intervention and community change fodder, specifically recognizing that communities that have been torn apart during war can be reunified through the process of art-making and that all people have the right to make art.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

chattanooga particle monologues

these particle monologues were created in chicago and then delivered to chattanooga, tn while i was there for a conference. i walked around one afternoon and ended up posting these on market street -- a main thoroughfare downtown. two men took an interest in the idea and started to wonder about the people for whom they were monologuing to/for in their own minds. thanks to beth & justin for creating these in my kitchen one night in chicago, giving them to me, and allowing me send them off into the universe via chattanooga, tn.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


last friday, april 25, 2008 perez elementary school teachers created their own particle monologues and installed them on tree limbs and park benches in the park across the street from the mca, where the workshop was held and sponsored. thanks to visual artist dominique enriquez for sharing photo transfer techniques, and thanks to marissa reyes for helping to organizing the workshop!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

park slope particles arrive in chicago

last night i received a beautiful packet of particles from artist/psychotherapist robert mauksch, all the way from park slope, brooklyn. they are some of the most poetic particles floating in the universe...!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

more of brooklyn floats in chicago

...late night walk in humboldt park, probably around midnight...tied more of maya's particles to bare trees in the big park...after a warm (er) day with sunshine, the night was cold and windy. i also saw families of duck and geese, quacking, spying, living pretty in the pond. rats and rabbits hopped around in the darkness as well.